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Meal Planning for Hikers

Meal planning plays a central role in determining the success and experience of your outdoor trip, and therefore it should be a priority for any backpacking trip. You must choose trail food which you enjoy, have high caloric density and nutritious in other words take with you a well-balanced outdoor meal that allows you to access a quick and easy energy boost that will help you conquer the wilderness. When you plan to spend more than a day outdoor, then you have to pay more attention to what you will pack because you have to think of things such as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner for the period you will be in the wilderness, this tends to be challenging to many people but to make it easier for you we have gathered some ideas you can use to prepare the right outdoor recipes, so continue reading the article.

The first question most people ask is how much food should we pack, the truth is the amount of food you will bring along on an outdoor trip will depend on many variables such as the number of days you will spend in the wilderness, the intensity of the activity, your body size as well as the number of calories you burn, nonetheless it is recommended that you pack outdoor food that can supply between 2, 500 to 4, 500 calories per person per day, but you need to have it in mind that a mountaineer will expend more calories than someone exploring a few miles on a relatively flat trail, it is better to make a mistake and carry a little more food than little less when you are planning an outdoor trip.

It is important to carefully consider the outdoor food take with you, generally you are recommended to carry portable, lightweight, and nutritious trail foods, make sure you pack a variety of trail foods to avoid eating the same food over and over again, therefore, spices and condiments such as olive oil, hot sauce, pepper, and condiments packets will spice up your outdoor grub, the ideal trail meal should be dehydrated to make them last long and endure changing wilderness weather, you can DIY if you have time and energy to remove water from oranges, apples and meats you will be packing for the outdoor trip, it is important to be careful when taking alcohol when in outdoor because it can interfere with your sleeping cycle, however, whiskey and wines when you are on a casual outdoor trip is not such a bad idea when is taken with other considerations in mind, you are in the wilderness. Those are some reliable ideas you can use when planning backpacking food recipes.